Sideshow TX Bust (Terminatrix Endoskull)

Sideshow TX Bust (Terminatrix Endoskull)

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Product description

"Light in the night."

Even the highlight of the evening could be the well-known T-X-type cybernetic organism from Terminator 3 - Rebellion of Machines. This lovely machine, blessed with an even more awesome look, was created by Sideshow Collectibles and Stan Winston's own studio in the form of a life-size bust, so its scale is 1/1. Version without serial number, otherwise limited to 750 copies. As seen in the film, it emits a creepy blue light from its eyes, nose, along its neck, and its ears on both sides.
The lights of the ear or temple are not constantly lit, but pulsating.

Tap into this great opportunity and you can have this exceptional relic!

Limited to 750 pieces worldwide!


- height: 39 cm
- width: 18 cm
- weight: 7 kg

Material: Synthetic resin.

Condition: Checked, faultless. Without shipping carton.

Product details
Product categories Sideshow, Statue
Brands Terminator
Manufacturers Sideshow Collectibles
Height 39 cm
Width 18 cm
Length 23 cm
Material Polystone,
Weight 7 kg